About Sigrun

Sigrun, the designer of Divine Love, is Icelandic, dividing her time between Reykjavik and Paris. She studied fashion design in Paris and stayed on in Paris to work as a designer for companies like Swarovski, Karl Lagerfeld, Hervé Léger and more. Working for these brands made her get to know the best of tradition in her field, while bringing her creative vision from Iceland.

In designing this jewellery, this experience is put to work to combine the sophistication of Parisian life and work, and an intense love of Icelandic nature and folklore.

Designing crystal jewellery and handbags for Swarovski, made her facinated with the quality and the purety of crystal and she uses only Swarovski crystal beads and pearls for the for her own collections.

She also worked on free-lance for the Icelandic tannery, Atlantic leather. This tannery is in the north of Iceland and is specialized in tanning lamb-and fishskin. While selling the fishskin to companies such as Prada and Dior, Sigrun noticed that one type of fish, worked in the tannery, the Nile-Pearch, had huge scales, that were not used for anything and were actually thrown away.

This was the beginning of the fish-scale jewellery line that has been sold in Paris, New York, Tokyo and Reykjavik. This line is composed of one material of recuperation, the fish-scale. The rest of ingredients are Swarovski crystal beads, Swarovski pearls, and sterling silver, giving the throw-away material more noble aspect. The transparent fish scale is strong and resilient and totally unbreakable, even though it looks fragile and delicate. In each scale there are year-rings like in trees, so one can actually see the age of the fish. Coming from the sea, this jewellery is even washable.

The other line presented here is the joyful and colorful chakra-line of jewellery. Here the crystals are harnessed to express the colors of the human body. Inspires by from new age and Ayurveda philosophy, this jewellery has a message of love and happiness.

With the jewellery is a small booklet, that explains what color corresponds to the type of energy and part of the body.The chains and clasps are sterling silver, Swarovski crystal beads and it is presented in black velvet sachets that remind of the Biba style of the ´70 ies.

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